Free 30 Day Organize-athon Pack: 30 Days of 5 Minute Tasks to Organize & Declutter Your Home & Life

Free 30 Day Organize-athon Program - 30 Days of 5 Minute Tasks to Organize and Declutter Your Home and Life

Here’s a program I could use in my constant quest to declutter and get organized!  “Like” the Get Organized Wizard Facebook Page and you’ll get a coupon code for a free instant download of the Organize-athon Pack and Email Course!

Wanna know what the Organize-athon entails?  Here’s what their website had to say:

What Is The 30-Day Organize-athon?

Make a fresh start and get better organized in just 30 days with the easy and motivating 30-Day Organize-athon.

Over 30 days I’ll give you a daily 5-minute organizing or decluttering project. Each assignment will be a simple, step-by-step task to organize a small aspect of your home, time or life.

That’s just 30 days of 5-minute tasks – totally achievable!

What Do You Get In The 30-Day Organize-athon Pack?

Your 30-Day Organize-athon Pack includes:

  • 30 x 5-minute decluttering and organizing tasks plus 1 x bonus task
  • Optional daily emails containing your daily task
  • Optional extra 5-minute tasks
  • 128-page interactive e-workbook containing:
    All 30 tasks plus optional extra tasks
    Bonus task
    To-do list for each task
    30-Day Organize-athon Checklist
    Comment links for commitment and motivation.

At the end of the 30 days, your home and life will be transformed – and it will only have taken you 5 minutes a day! Very cool.

Click here to get your Organize-athon Pack!

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

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    I love stuff that helps me organize!
    I sure need it!
    Praying you had a blessed and joyful Mother’s Day!
    Love ya, Lisa!

  2. You know that organizing is right up my alley! Will have to check this one out. Looks interesting for sure.

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