Want to Help Us Adopt By Doing What You’re Already Doing?

We’re adopting again!  Woohoo!

Last fall, my hubby and I started the process to adopt again.  We thought we would adopt from Jamaica because we absolutely love the country and its people and because it’s very affordable from an adoption standpoint.  We also knew that the process is typically long (around 2-3 years), so we figured it would give us the time we need to save the money so we can adopt without debt.

Apparently God had different plans.  In November, we found out about 6 year old twins that needed a family and just 4 short days before Christmas, they moved in with us.  Although these are older kids, this adoption is a private adoption and not through the foster care system which means we need to come up with some money rather quickly!  Not only do we have to pay for an adoption (actually 2 adoptions as the case would be), but now that we’ve added 2 kids (1 of which is a boy) to our family, we desperately need more space which means a move is imminent!

We would love it if you would help us out!  You can help us raise money by doing things you’re already doing!

For starters, did you know that when you print coupons you see on this site, I get a few cents?  It’s true!  While most of you use a variety of sites to print your coupons, if each of my readers and friends printed a few coupons every day for a month using the link below, it would fund almost all of our adoption!


You can also help fund our adoption by shopping!  Talk about a win-win!



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Last but not least, you can help fund our adoption by purchasing some of my favorite ebooks (and an audio course)!  These are books that are hugely helpful in time management, household management, and more!

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If you’re looking for other ways to help, consider having me speak at your next event!


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