Home Run Inn Pizza: A Real Home Run for Our Family

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Home Run Inn pizza.

Over the past year, our family has made huge changes to our diet.  While we had been making some gradual changes here and there, it wasn’t until we took custody of the twins that things really started to change.  The twins have MAJOR food sensitivities that wreaked havoc on their digestive systems and resulted in atrocious behavior.  As we eliminated than re-added foods to their diets (and consequently ours as well), we found that artificial dyes were disastrous for them.  We also found that processed foods and things with nitrates/nitrites also didn’t work well for them.  While we’ve all been thrilled at the changes in health and behavior, I’d be lying if I said no one was missing favorite foods.  Gone are the days of blue box mac and cheese and hot dogs.  Starburst, Skittles, and M&Ms are no longer a treasured treat.  And if all that wasn’t bad enough, frozen pizza, my go-to quick and easy meal after a long day of work or a long evening of basketball games was no longer an option.  Frozen pizza was a special treat for everyone.  My husband loves it, my teenage daughters love it and the twins love it.  And most of all, I love frozen pizza because let’s face it…there are some days when the time and energy to make a homecooked meal have escaped me by the time it’s dinnertime.

Over the last few months, we’ve been able to find substitutes for almost all of our favorite foods.  I discovered that I can make a pretty mean homemade mac and cheese (and I also discovered an organic brand that my kids like).  I’ve ordered organic suckers and gummy bears that don’t contain preservatives or artificial dyes from Amazon. Unfortunately, since I don’t live near a natural foods store, my search for frozen pizza has seemed elusive up to this point.

A few weeks ago, I heard about an all natural frozen pizza that is available at Kroger, Meijer and Marsh.  I was thrilled to find them at my small town Kroger and my kids were elated to see me walk in the door with boxes of frozen pizza.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had it at our house.

Home Run Inn Pizza is an all natural frozen pizza that is made with real cheese and with no preservatives.  The Meat Lovers pizza is made with nitrite/nitrate free bacon and pepperoni.

Home Run Inn Pizza is consistently number one according to Consumer Reports.  And my family wholeheartedly agrees!

Shayna ate 4 piece of cheese pizza!

James opted for Meat Lovers and must have said “This is the best pizza ever!” at least 10 times during dinner!

Even my fussy hubby gave it a thumbs up {although he wasn’t thrilled with having his picture taken}.

I’m a huge fan of Home Run Inn Pizza and will definitely be purchasing more to keep in our freezer for a quick, easy meal!

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you have a quick and easy go-to meal?  Have you ever tried Home Run Inn pizza and if so, what’s your favorite flavor?  Leave me a comment! :)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Home Run Inn pizza.

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  1. It’s so hard to find those natural foods! I thought that was so awesome, too!!

  2. I LOVE that this pizza is preservative and nitrite/nitrate free. I’ll definitely be trying it out soon.

  3. These are so tasty and my kids LOVED them too!! I can’t wait to try the cheese!

  4. Looks healthy and delicious!

  5. Hmmm…..I don’t know if I’ve seen this in the stores, but I am always looking for things like this to feed the fam, so I will keep an eye out!!

  6. I can’t say I’ve actually seen these at my local store. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for them.

  7. I never had frozen pizza. I am so spoiled but this looks great and nitrate free is a definite for me. WIll look out for this.

  8. I have a fussy hubby too-lol. I might have to try this and see if it passes the test. lol

  9. i haven’t, need to see if they are here in ct. natural ingredients and no nitrates have me interested!

  10. Home Run Inn is one of my favorite pizzas!! We love getting it fresh in Chicago but the frozen is pretty good too! It has such a unique and flavorful taste!

  11. It’s nice that there’s a natural option for frozen pizzas! We don’t have this available near me, but I’m going to keep checking!

  12. We tried the pepperoni and the sausage, a classic and a ultra thin crust. We really loved the pepperoni on the classic crust! The cheese and the sauce are delicious!

  13. I use to eat red baron pizza frozen but I think even dominos and papa johns are cheaper these days than some frozen. I usually make my own now and days since we live in the country. This looks much better than the frozen ones I have had.

  14. I remember when I discovered this for the first time a few years ago. I LOVED it. There was such a difference in cheese taste from what I’d been eating. Now it’s national so I’m happy I can get it down here in the south since I moved.

  15. YUM! I love Home Run Pizza. We always stock up at Costco.

  16. I love Home Run Pizza and so does my munchkin. I buy them all the time. They are great for weekends and those nights we do not have time to cook!

  17. I haven’t tried it, but I most certainly would try it. We’re huge pizza lovers in this house, each and every one of us. :)

  18. Yum! I am always looking for convenience foods that are still healthy for my family. I’ll have to cook this one night for dinner.

  19. I’m going to have to keep my eyes out for this! You can’t beat natural ingredients AND all the convenience of frozen.

  20. We are fortunate that no one in our family suffers from any food sensitivities, but we still opt for natural foods. Artificial colors and flavors scare me!

  21. I found Home Run Inn pizzas in our grocery store a few years ago after getting a Klout Perk for them. I actually REALLY like them! They’re definitely one of the better pizzas out there!

  22. Home Run Inn Pizza sounds good! Love that it’s all natural with no preservative and nitrates!

  23. I love mac and cheese, and if you’re going clean eating, Annie’s Mac and cheese has no colorings and is natural – you can still have what you love! We haven’t found a clean frozen pizza yet, but this sounds like a good one!

  24. I don’t think I’d ever turn down pizza! My favorite toppings are roasted garlic, spinach, and eggplant. Getting hungry just thinking about it!

  25. So, what you’re saying is, this pizza is good for you? Sounds amazing!

  26. What a great looking pizza! We like to homemake ours so we skip the preservatives, but it takes soooo much time!

  27. It sounds like the pizza was a grand slam! (I couldn’t resist the baseball humor.) it’s great that you’ve found something that works well for everyone’s dietary concerns.

  28. that’s great that your kids enjoyed it. pizza is our favorite food

  29. My go-to meal is frozen pizza. I bought three today (with coupons) just so we have some on hand. Unfortunately, for me, this brand isn’t carried at any of our grocery stores (and what I’ve tried with the fake cheese hasn’t been amazing.) I would definitely love to try this one day!

  30. we just tried this brand and loved the meat lovers over the pepperoni

  31. What a fantastic pizza! I love that your husband doesn’t care to take his pics.. Neither does mine LOL Is it tacky of me to ask how much the pizzas are priced for? We don’t have a Kroger here, but I’ll be looking for the brand.

  32. I love pizza night. It’s a busy moms best friend.

  33. I haven’t seen these anywhere! I’ll be on the lookout!

  34. We love pizza and I love giving the kids natural foods

  35. My kids loved this pizza too- what a pleasant surprise!

  36. I’ve never tried Home Run Inn pizza, but I’ve run across it in the stores, I think at Sam’s Club. I always wondered if it was worth trying, and it sounds like it is! Think I’ll have to give them a chance the next time I see them.

  37. We have food allergies in our house and I always love finding safe foods we can eat. The pizza looks yummy!

  38. We’re fans of frozen pizza as well but I admit, I’ve never heard of this brand. Kroger is my favorite store to shop at though so I’ll look for it next time I’m there. We’ve also been changing some of our eating habits so I’m thrilled when I can find a new favorite that’s healthier for us.

  39. This looks great! I am always on the look out for more natural foods. I will be trying this with my family.

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