Mía Mariu Makeup {Review}

I tend to be a beauty product snob.  I have certain brands I like and certain products I like and I rarely deviate from them.  Typically when I do, I end up disappointed.  Usually when I get offers from cosmetic companies to try their products, I decline,  however, I recently agreed to try a concealer, primer and mineral foundation. I had read a few blogger reviews of Mía Mariu and thought it was worth looking into.  Mía Mariu’s high performance products are formulated with the most natural ingredients available helping you achieve vibrant beauty and health inside and out.  Each unique product fuses nature and technology by combining the highest quality botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and peptides.

I had a few concerns after I agreed to do this review.  For starters, I was a little concerned that I had to choose my own shades of concealer and foundation.  I looked at the pictures online and chose the ones that I thought would work with my skin color. I chose Loose Powder Foundation is CMF02 and Cream Concealer in CCC02. I also was concerned because my skin is super dry and sensitive and it can look really flaky.  Last but not least, I have a crazy lupus rash that often covers my face and it can be tricky to cover it up!

When my Mía Mariu package arrived, my concerns turned into full fledged fear.  I was totally hesitant to try it out.  I had a few busy days filled with meetings and other craziness and didn’t feel like trying out new makeup which might cause me to look like a clown.  I packed the makeup in my suitcase and took it with me to New Hampshire and decided to try it out when I got there.

When I opened the products, the first thing I did was smell them (I know…I’m weird like that).  So many cosmetics have weird smells and if they smell bad I can’t stand to wear them.  I was pleasantly surprised that they had no overpowering odors.

I started by applying the Perfecting Finish Mineral Primer to my clean and freshly moisturized face.  The primer creates a smooth facial canvas allowing the foundation to glide on seamlessly, leaving a fresh natural look that lasts all day. It was runnier than I expected and a lot less waxy than other primers I’ve tried in the past.  A little bit went a long way and it didn’t take much to cover my face. I really liked the way it felt on my face.

Next I applied the Perfecting Finish Mineral Cream Concealer. It is an oil-free, vitamin packed, high intensity formula that effectively covers imperfections like dark spots, discoloration and blemishes for a perfect and even tone.  It promised to be perfectly balanced to match my skin tone without leaving ash tones or a chalky look.  The concealer was creamy and went on smoothly.  I used the concealer to cover up the red splotchy lupus rash areas of my face and under my eyes. I was amazed at how well it covered up and they weren’t lying about not looking chalky and overly made up!

Last but not least, I applied the mineral foundation.  It covered flawlessly and made my skin look natural.  I was shocked with the result.  My face looked fabulous!  When I walked into the other room, my husband told me how great I looked.  When I saw my mom later on that day, she commented on how great my skin looked.  I told her that I was trying out a new makeup brand and that I loved the way it looks on my skin!

I’ve now been using it for 3 weeks and I still love the way it looks.  If you’d like to try Mia Mariu, you can find the products you need to put your best face forward here.

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  1. A quality product that does what it says it will do. I look for products that do not irritate my skin also.

  2. That it is effective and gentle.

  3. Debra Guillen says:

    Natural ingredients are important to me when choosing a product.

  4. I look for products with natural ingredients.

  5. Jennifer Hiles says:

    The most important thing to me is that it is made from natural and safe products.

  6. A good quality product and ingredients I can appreciate.

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