Restaurant Coupon Roundup {8/23/2014}

Eating out sure can get expensive, so I’m always on the lookout for deals to make it more affordable.  Below I’ve included the top printable restaurant coupons for this week!

Bakers Square – $5 Off 2 Entrees & 2 Drinks (exp: 8/29/2014)
Biggby Coffee – $1.99 Any Size Iced Coffee (exp: 8/31/2014)
Boston Market – Free Kids Meal with Individual Meal Purchase (exp: 8/31/2014)
Carrabba’s – $10 Off 2 Dinner Entrees (exp: 9/30/2014)
Corner Bakery – Free Bakery Fresh Sweet with Lunch or Dinner Entree (exp: 9/9/2014)
Juice It Up – Buy 1 Get 1 Free 24 oz. Just Peachy Smoothie (exp: 8/31/2014)
Logan’s – $5 Off $20 Food Purchase (exp: 9/1/2014)
Quiznos – Free Chips & Drink with Regular or Large Sub or Large Salad Purchase (exp: 8/26/2014)
Red Lobster – Free Appetizer or Dessert When You Buy 2 Adult Dinners (exp: 8/31/2014)
Smokey Bones – $5 Off $15 Purchase (exp: 8/24/2014)
Uno Chicago Grill – $15 Off $30 Food Purchase (exp: 8/24/2014)

Thanks Surviving the Stores!

Retail Coupon Roundup {8/23/14}

If you’re planning on doing a little shopping this weekend, make sure to print off these great retail coupons before you go!

Aeropostal - $10 Off $50, $15 Off $75, or $25 Off $100 Purchase (exp: 9/14/2014)
Ann Taylor Factory - 15% Off Full Price Purchase Starting 8/22 (exp: 8/24/2014)
Bath & Body Works - Free Signature Collection Item with $10 Purchase (exp: 9/2/2014)
Bealls – $10 Off $25 Purchase (exp: 9/1/2014)
Bonton/Carson’s – 25% Off Sale Price Womens, Mens & Kids Apparel + More (exp: 8/26/2014)
Kohl’s – 20% Off $100 Purchase or 15% Off Under $100 Purchase* (exp: 8/27/2014)
Lifeway - 20% Off Entire Purchase (exp: 8/23/2014)
Loft Outlet – 10% Off Entire Purchase (exp: 8/24/2014)
Lord & Taylor – 25% Off Clearance Items (exp: 8/27/2014)
Macy’s - 20% Off Select Regular, Sale & Clearance Apparel + More (exp: 8/26/2014)
Maurices - 20% Off Entire Regularly Priced Purchase (exp: 8/30/2014)
Rue 21 - 50% Off $50 Purchase or More (exp: 8/24/2014)

Thanks Surviving the Stores!

100 Cooking Hacks You Need to Know

Have you ever started to cook and realized you don’t have buttermilk?  Have you tried to bake chocolate chip cookies and realized that your brown sugar has turned into a large rock?  Thought you had baking powder and realized you only had baking soda?  Here are some hacks that will make your life less stressful in the kitchen!!!  Make sure to pin this so you can find these helpful tips when you need them! :)

  1. Don’t have any buttermilk? Add 1 tbsp. vinegar or lemon juice to 1 cup of milk.
  2. Ready to peel the shells off eggs? Wet your fingers first—the peels won’t stick.
  3. Guesstimating baking powder amounts is easy when you remember this formula: 1 tsp. baking powder per each cup of flour.
  4. No baking powder? Substitute ½ cup yogurt, sour cream or buttermilk for the liquids in the recipe. Then add ½ tsp. baking soda.
  5. Don’t add too much baking powder: Your cake or quickbread will actually rise less; not more. And taste bitter.
  6. For gluten-free gravy, throw away the flour. Try cornstarch, arrowroot powder or tapioca starch instead.
  7. For low fat baking, use applesauce instead of butter, oil or margarine. Your baking will be a little heavier, but tasty.
  8. When trying to remember which to use, keep this in mind: Baking powder adds acidity; baking soda is alkaline.
  9. Save time by pre-prepping ingredients for recipes you often make, and storing them , sealed, in your refrigerator or freezer.
  10. Before putting your cake in the oven, let your filled baking tin gently drop straight down on the counter. It knocks out air bubbles.
  11. To keep brown sugar soft, stick a piece of apple or a slice of bread in the bag. You’ll never have to find rock-hard sugar again.
  12. If you want to prevent cookies from hardening, store them in a sealed cookie jar with a slice of apple.
  13. Buy frozen Yorkshire Puddings to go with your roast. They heat easily in one pan for only 3 minutes—and there is no messy clean-up.
  14. Never make fudge on humid days. The sugar will go “grainy”. Make fudge on cool, clear days – and use a marble board or countertop.
  15. “Room temperature” ingredients or liquids should feel neither cold nor hot when you test them on the back of your wrist.
  16. Put a few grains of rice in your salt shaker, if you live in a humid climate. This will stop your salt from clumping.
  17. Flour your surfaces or flour your dough before rolling—and to make extra-sure it doesn’t stick, place between floured parchment paper.
  18. Follow recipes exactly, the first time you make them. After that, you’ll have a much better idea on how to successfully adjust ingredients.
  19. Don’t store meats in your refrigerator without first putting them on a dish, to catch blood that might escape and contaminate your fridge.
  20. Remember that the outside of frozen turkeys will thaw much faster than the inside, so thaw yours in the fridge for safety.
  21. If thawing a turkey in cold water, it is vital for food safety that you change the water every half hour.
  22. Make sure you put all leftovers back in the fridge within two hours of serving. After that, food can begin to spoil.
  23. When making holiday meals, first clear your counters. Remove unnecessary items to give yourself maximum work space.
  24. When buying your holiday squash, save time by choosing pre-cut, pre-peeled, packaged fresh squash.
  25. Beef keeps longer in the freezer than fish or chicken. You can store beef for up to six months; fish and chicken, no more than three.
  26. Buying fresh, local fruit and freezing it in a chest freezer ensures that you and your family can enjoy it all year round.
  27. If you plan to freeze a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, invest in a vacuum sealer.
  28. Don’t try to freeze vegetables that are normally eaten raw (lettuce, celery, etc.) They will not freeze successfully.
  29. Blanch vegetables before freezing to stop sugars turning to starch—which does happen quickly after picking.
  30. To blanch vegetables, drop them into boiling water for a minute or two: Then drain and plunge them into ice water.
  31. You can store asparagus for up to two weeks in your refrigerator, if you stand it in a jar of cold water with tips up.
  32. Make 3-4 days’ worth of carrot sticks in advance and store in your refrigerator in a glass container of cold water, for maximum freshness.
  33. Make up salads in a jar for lunch: Heavy items like carrot slices at the bottom; grains, fruit and nuts in the middle, greens at the top.
  34. Assemble all your blanching and freezing equipment ahead of time. Speed is everything, when it comes to successful blanching.
  35. Blanch peppers only if you plan to serve them cooked at a future date. For crisper peppers, freeze raw.
  36. Fruit does not need to be blanched before freezing—but you can freeze it in a light syrup, if desired.
  37. Did you know that frozen bananas make wonderful, creamy “ice cream”, when puréed in a food processor?
  38. If you’re going to freeze bananas, always choose ones that are fully ripe. Even at the edge of over-ripe is preferable to under-ripe.
  39. You can freeze bananas in or out of the peel—but they will last longer out of the peel and look nicer when served “as is”.
  40. Be aware that if you freeze bananas in the peel, the peel will turn black. This is normal, and the bananas inside are perfectly good.
  41. For under-ripe bananas, bake them on a cookie tray for 40 minutes at 300ºF. The skins will turn black, but when cool, they’ll be ripe.
  42. To freeze bananas for banana bread, purée first, and add 1 tsp. lemon juice per cup of purée. Mix well. Store in plastic tubs.
  43. If you want frozen banana pieces or slices, remove the peel and cut into chunks or slices first. They are impossible to cut when frozen.
  44. If you want to stop clumping from occurring, first freeze fruit or vegetables pieces on a tray. Then quickly bag the frozen pieces.
  45. Be sure to pat your fruit or veggie pieces thoroughly dry with paper towel, before freezing.
  46. For optimal freezing of fruits, meat and vegetables, freeze in a deep freezer at zero degrees. Buy a freezer thermometer.
  47. When freezing anything, be sure to mark the date frozen on the bag or label and mark the expiry date too, if you wish.
  48. All baking ingredients—including eggs—should be at room temperature for at least an hour before baking.
  49. If a recipe calls for separating your eggs, do so while they are still refrigerator-cold. It will be much easier.
  50. Whipping up a meringue? Make sure your egg whites are at room temperature
  51. Worried that your eggs have been in the fridge too long? Put one in a bowl of water. If it sinks, it’s still fresh.
  52. When trying to soften butter more quickly, don’t cut in a chunk…use a cheese grater to make fine pieces.
  53. If a recipe tells you to alternate dry and wet ingredients, start and end with dry ingredients.
  54. Keep all your cake decorating utensils and ingredients in one small plastic tub with a lid. You’ll never lose a cake icing tip, that way.
  55. Are you someone who always uses a cookbook? Buy a cookbook holder from a kitchen store or online—it will make your life easier.
  56. Running your mixers at half-speed or lower will greatly extend their lifespans.
  57. Try turning a metal magazine holder on its side and sliding into your kitchen drawer to stop items from jamming up your drawer.
  58. De-clutter your kitchen at least once every six months. Donate pots and pans you don’t use. Throw out ingredients you’ve never touched.
  59. Invest in a jar-opener. It is an inexpensive utensil—and you’ll be surprised at how often you find yourself using it.
  60. If you can’t open a jar and have no jar opener, try slipping on a rubber kitchen glove first.
  61. Use plain dental floss to cut cheeses and other soft foods. Use a sawing motion; or circle the item with the floss—and pull.
  62. Use pots with two handles if you have health issues like arthritis. This will make your grip more stable—and help you avoid accidents.
  63. Can’t reach items on your top kitchen shelves? If stepping stools feel unstable, buy a long-arm grabber from a Home Health store.
  64. To avoid nasty accidents, never store heavy items, glass or other breakables on your top kitchen shelves.
  65. Place items or utensils you use all the time at waist height or in your first row of overhead shelves.
  66. Do a “safety check” on your kitchen periodically. And look for ways to improve functionality as you improve safety.
  67. Have a “kitchen maintenance” day, once in a while. Deep-scrub stains from cutlery and pots and pans. Throw out worn items. De-clutter.
  68. Clean your kitchen thoroughly before you cook, and clean as you go during cooking. You’ll have minimal clean up after.
  69. Be sure to have fine steel-wool on hand. You can use it to clean deep stains or burns from stainless steel pots in an instant.
  70. Never, ever soak silver-plated cutlery or dishes in water with bleach. Your silver-wear will blacken instantly—and permanently.
  71. An envelope cut diagonally, with the remaining point also cut off, makes a handy impromptu funnel for dry ingredients.
  72. Use a griddle iron or heavy fry pan for pancakes. If you use cast iron, never wash it—wipe and season it with oil after every use.
  73. Make French Toast in your crockpot. Lace layers with non-acidic fruit like currants, apple slices or raisins.
  74. Place cookie cutters on your griddle. Pour in pancake batter or eggs to jazz up those brunches.
  75. Mix spices for recipes ahead of time in a small shot glass. Add after you’ve added sauce ingredients for best flavor.
  76. Mix up your own pumpkin pie spice: Two parts cinnamon to one part ground nutmeg, one part ground allspice, one part ground ginger.
  77. Add a pinch of freshly minced ginger to your pumpkin pie mix for a zestier taste.
  78. Making salad ahead of time in a jar allows you to refrigerator-store it for up to seven days.
  79. Print cooking infographics or charts from Pinterest or cooking sites. Tape up inside your cupboard doors, for easy reference.
  80. To make perfect white or green tea, let your kettle rest for a few moments after reaching a boil. Never use boiling water on these teas.
  81. Stock your kitchen with staples so you can quickly whip up anything: Flour, bouillon cubes, spices, sugar, salt and olive oil to start with.
  82. After making a recipe with bouillon or broth in a carton, pour the remaining broth into ice cube trays and freeze for later.
  83. Gravy turning gray? Check out your pan—it’s probably aluminum. Use stainless steel or copper instead.
  84. Replace half of the oil in your marinade with wine for a more acidic effect.
  85. If you plan to go vegetarian, buy a big spice rack and stock it with fresh herbs and spices to add excitement to your cookings.
  86. Substitute coconut milk for condensed milk, if you’re making a vegan-friendly cake.
  87. ¼ cup applesauce, puréed tofu or one mashed banana will replace one whole egg in vegan recipes. Use tofu in savory recipes.
  88. Bake for longer at a lower temperature for most vegan recipes. You’ll have much less stodgy results.
  89. Add hemp hearts to muffins instead of bran: No, you won’t get high and it will make a delicious, nutritious change.
  90. Need to improvise kid-friendly pizza? Use frozen dinner roll dough. Spread with tomato sauce and sprinkle with cheese. Bake.
  91. Roll peeled banana chunks in toasted coconut, cocoa powder or chocolate sprinkles to increase kid-appeal.
  92. For almost-instant applesauce: Microwave apple pieces for 3-4 minutes to soften. Add cinnamon. Purée in food processor.
  93. When pre-preparing sandwiches, don’t cut the crusts off till right before serving. The sandwich edges will dry out and curl if you do.
  94. Use beer or sparkling wine to make a tasty, unique mock loaf of “bread”—without yeast.
  95. To make bread “crack” on top in a rustic manner, place a pan of water on the bottom rack of your oven, when baking.
  96. Slightly toast sunflower seeds or nuts before sprinkling them on top of bread. They will be much more digestible.
  97. Soak grains such as oatmeal for at least ten minutes with a splash of boiling water, before adding them to bread.
  98. To make “tulip”-shaped cupcake liners, fashion out of squares of parchment paper in your muffin tin.
  99. Place a paper lace doily over your cake and sift icing sugar all over it. Carefully remove doily—the pattern remains.
  100. To make any color, shade or tint of frosting, check out the chart at:

Project 38: Update 1

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since I turned 38.  It’s been a crazy month.  We decided to move, bought a house, and closed on it in the last month!!!  Two of our kids started new schools this month and we have one more starting in a new school next week. With as much craziness as has gone on, I was quite pleased with my accomplishments so far!

1.  Read through my Bible twice

2.  Memorize 38 Bible verses

3.  Lose 10 pounds

4.  Lose 10 pounds

5.  Lose 10 pounds

6.  Lose 10 pounds

7.  Lose 10 pounds

8.  Lose 10 pounds

9.  Lose 10 pounds

10. Lose 10 pounds

11.  Complete C25K

12.  Run a 5k in 38 minutes

13.  Run a 5k in 33 minutes

14.  Run a 5k in under 30 minutes

15.  Run a half-marathon

16.  Do T-Tapp workout 38 times  {I completed 3 T-Tapp workouts in this month}

17. Swim laps 38 times

18. Complete a sprint triathlon

19.  Do 38 girl pushups in a row

20. Do 50 girl pushups in a row

21.  Do 100 girl pushups in a row

22. Do 10 regular pushups

23.  Do 38 regular pushups

24.  Read 38 books  {I read 4 this month}

25.  Listen to 38 audiobooks  {I listened to 7 audiobooks this month and I’m on #8}

26. Write an ebook

27.  Take family pictures

28.  Go on 38 dates with my hubby {I went on 2 dates….I have some making up to do}

29.  Go on 38 walks with friends (or workout with friends) {One down…37 to go!}

30. Get certified to teach a fitness class

31. Learn one new skill

32. Do 10 speaking engagements

33. Complete the 365 Day Savings Challenge (fill my piggy bank) {I am kicking butt on this…I’ve already filled one whole mason jar and I’m on jar #2}

34. Complete the 52 Week Saving Challenge (put money in our savings account)  {I’ve added $15 to our account}

35. Put $2000 in vacation fund

36. In bed, lights out by 10pm 60 nights {This has happened 3 times, but it needs to happen much more frequently}

37. Get up by 5:30am 50 days {Um….yeah…soon, I hope}

38. Make 38 fun crafts, recipes or projects {I have 1 done and it’s oh-so-cute}

Any suggestions to help me reach my goals?

My Goals for the Week {8/11/2014}

We are moving in one week!  AAAAHHHHH!!!  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but I know that a routine and some discipline will help to make things go more smoothly!  We’re also putting our house on the market this week.  Please pray that it sells quickly!

Here are my goals from last week:

Family & Homemaking Goals

1. Go through school supply stockpile and find what we need for school this year and purchase whatever is missing.

2. Pack all clothes in my dresser and move dresser to the garage.

3. Put together 10 crockpot freezer meals.  (I did plan out some meals, I just didn’t get 10 crockpot meals put together!)  I did find this awesome Crockpot Freezer Meal Plan though! :)  Will be using this in the near future!

4.  Pack up entire kitchen.

Personal Goals

5. Exercise 5 times.

6. Drink 3 liters of water per day.

7. Be in bed by 10:00 pm 3 nights.

8.  Get together with 1 friend.

9. Listen to 1 audobook.

Blog/Business Goals

10. Write 2 posts for blog.

And here are my goals for this week!

Family & Homemaking Goals

1. Create menu plan for the rest of August.

2. Make bed and do 1 full load of laundry every day.

3. Pack up entire kitchen (minus crock pot and 1 or 2 other pans for meals).

4. Complete at least 10 more lessons of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

Personal Goals

5. Exercise 5 times.

6 Drink 3 liters of water per day.

7.  Get together with 1 friend.

8. Finish reading The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success.  This is a great book that talks about the power of discipline…a much needed read for me.

Blog/Business Goals

9. Write 2 posts for blog.

10. Launch my new Nerium business!  Check out my results after just 5 days!

What are your goals for this week? Any suggestions to help me with my goals?


Meal Planning Made Easy


One of my goals this week was to put together 10 freezer crockpot meals.  I did some research and found a few different freezer/crockpot recipes and cookbooks, but with as crazy as things are here, I needed something super simple!  When my friend Lauren mentioned that she had put together a Slow Cooker Meal Plan complete with a shopping list and everything else I needed, I immediately checked it out!  She also put together a meal plan of 25 meals from Aldi for $150 and a Gluten-Free Meal Plan from Aldi.  I was in meal planning heaven! There’s something so wonderful about having a meal plan and it’s even more wonderful when you don’t have to create it yourself!  Lauren has done all the work and you can reap the benefits.

Lauren offers a free version of each of these meal plans, but for only $1.97, you can purchase a printable pack that contains printable grocery lists, calendars and more!  With the craziness of back to school and kids sports, I encourage you to spend a few bucks to make your life easier!  I just purchased the Gluten-Free Meal Plan and the Slow Cooker Meal Plan.  That was $4 well spent!  I’m excited to head to Aldi and whip up some yummy dinners for my family!



Free Subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine

Right now you can snag a FREE subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine!  This is a great source of encouragement and motivation if you’re looking to lose weight!  It also tends to have great coupons!

Click here to get your free subscription!


Dell 48 Hour Giveaway {Hurry & Enter!}

Here’s a really sweet giveaway that’s going on right now!  My friends at are giving away 12 Dell tablets! This giveaway is only a 48 hour giveaway, so hurry and enter!  All you need to do is enter your email to be entered to win!

Click here to enter!

My Goals for the Week {8/3/2014}

Things tend to be consistently crazy in our family, but I think they’re about to get crazier.  All of our kids are going to different schools next year…4 kids, 4 schools.  We’re also moving in 2 weeks to make the 4 kids, 4 schools thing a little less crazy.  We’re trying to finish remodeling our current house so it can be on the market in the next week or so.  And if that wasn’t enough…our 16 year old starts 2-a-days for soccer tomorrow and since her school is 30 minutes away, I’ll be doing at least 2 hours of driving a day for the next 2 weeks.   Needless to say, I seriously need to be disciplined if I’m not going to lose my mind.

So without further ado, here are my goals for the week.

Family & Homemaking Goals

1. Go through school supply stockpile and find what we need for school this year and purchase whatever is missing.

2. Pack all clothes in my dresser and move dresser to the garage.

3. Put together 10 crockpot freezer meals.

4.  Pack up entire kitchen.

Personal Goals

4. Exercise 5 times.

5. Drink 3 liters of water per day.

6. Be in bed by 10:00 pm 3 nights.

7.  Get together with 1 friend.

8. Listen to 1 audobook.

Blog/Business Goals

9. Write 2 posts for blog.

What are your goals for this week? Any suggestions to help me with my goals?


Mía Mariu Makeup {Review}

I tend to be a beauty product snob.  I have certain brands I like and certain products I like and I rarely deviate from them.  Typically when I do, I end up disappointed.  Usually when I get offers from cosmetic companies to try their products, I decline,  however, I recently agreed to try a concealer, primer and mineral foundation. I had read a few blogger reviews of Mía Mariu and thought it was worth looking into.  Mía Mariu’s high performance products are formulated with the most natural ingredients available helping you achieve vibrant beauty and health inside and out.  Each unique product fuses nature and technology by combining the highest quality botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and peptides.

I had a few concerns after I agreed to do this review.  For starters, I was a little concerned that I had to choose my own shades of concealer and foundation.  I looked at the pictures online and chose the ones that I thought would work with my skin color. I chose Loose Powder Foundation is CMF02 and Cream Concealer in CCC02. I also was concerned because my skin is super dry and sensitive and it can look really flaky.  Last but not least, I have a crazy lupus rash that often covers my face and it can be tricky to cover it up!

When my Mía Mariu package arrived, my concerns turned into full fledged fear.  I was totally hesitant to try it out.  I had a few busy days filled with meetings and other craziness and didn’t feel like trying out new makeup which might cause me to look like a clown.  I packed the makeup in my suitcase and took it with me to New Hampshire and decided to try it out when I got there.

When I opened the products, the first thing I did was smell them (I know…I’m weird like that).  So many cosmetics have weird smells and if they smell bad I can’t stand to wear them.  I was pleasantly surprised that they had no overpowering odors.

I started by applying the Perfecting Finish Mineral Primer to my clean and freshly moisturized face.  The primer creates a smooth facial canvas allowing the foundation to glide on seamlessly, leaving a fresh natural look that lasts all day. It was runnier than I expected and a lot less waxy than other primers I’ve tried in the past.  A little bit went a long way and it didn’t take much to cover my face. I really liked the way it felt on my face.

Next I applied the Perfecting Finish Mineral Cream Concealer. It is an oil-free, vitamin packed, high intensity formula that effectively covers imperfections like dark spots, discoloration and blemishes for a perfect and even tone.  It promised to be perfectly balanced to match my skin tone without leaving ash tones or a chalky look.  The concealer was creamy and went on smoothly.  I used the concealer to cover up the red splotchy lupus rash areas of my face and under my eyes. I was amazed at how well it covered up and they weren’t lying about not looking chalky and overly made up!

Last but not least, I applied the mineral foundation.  It covered flawlessly and made my skin look natural.  I was shocked with the result.  My face looked fabulous!  When I walked into the other room, my husband told me how great I looked.  When I saw my mom later on that day, she commented on how great my skin looked.  I told her that I was trying out a new makeup brand and that I loved the way it looks on my skin!

I’ve now been using it for 3 weeks and I still love the way it looks.  If you’d like to try Mia Mariu, you can find the products you need to put your best face forward here.

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Daily Coupon Roundup {8/1/2014}

I love the beginning of the month!  There are so many great coupons available.  Here are the coupons that were released in the last 24 hours.

Cuff Bracelet Only $2.99

Looking for an inexpensive way to improve your style? Right now, you can snag a gorgeous cuff bracelet for only $2.99.  Shipping is $2.85 for the first one and $1.00 for each additional one!

Click here to snag one of these sweet bracelets!


ModCloth Home Decor Sale

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

ModCloth may be your go-to for cute dresses and clothing, but did you know they have a flourishing decor department? Think fun and unique adornments for your home, kitchen, bedroom, office space, and more. If that’s not incentive enough to check it out, they just so happen to be having a 20% Off Decor Sale that’ll give your place a pop of personality. No code needed so just shop ’till your heart is content and there really will be no place like your home! Hurry while it lasts!

Retail Coupon Roundup {8/1/2014}

If you’re planning on doing a little shopping this weekend, make sure to print off these great retail coupons before you go!

A.C. Moore – 30% Off $20 Regularly Priced Purchase (exp: 8/1/2014)
Adidas Outlet – $10 Off Any Bag Purchase (exp: 8/4/2014)
Ann Taylor Factory – 15% Off Entire Purchase (exp: 8/3/2014)
Bath & Body Works – 20% Off Any Purchase (exp: 8/3/2014)
Bonton – 30% Off Yellow or Black Dot Womens or Mens Apparel Purchase (exp: 8/2/2014)
Carter’s – 25% Off $50 Off Purchase (exp: 8/6/2014)
Hancock Fabrics – 20% Off Regularly Priced Purchase (exp: 8/4/2014)
JCPenney – $10 Off $25 Apparel, Shoes, Accessories, Fine Jewelry & Home Item Purchase (exp: 8/2/2014)
Kohl’s – $10 Off $50 Home Purchase (exp: 8/2/2014)
Macy’s – 20% Off Regular, Sale or Clearance Apparel & Handbags for Kids (exp: 8/7/2014)
Michaels – 20% Off Entire Purchase (exp: 8/2/2014)
OshKosh B’Gosh – 25% Off $50 Off Purchase (exp: 8/6/2014)
P.S. from Aeropostale – 30% Off 1 Single Item (exp: 8/6/2014)
PacSun – $10 Off $25 Purchase (exp: 8/2/2014)
Payless – 25% Off Entire Purchase (Members) or 15% Off Entire Purchase (exp: 8/2/2014)
Rue 21 – $20 Off $50, $40 Off $100, or $80 Off $200 Purchase (exp: 8/4/2014)
The Body Shop – $10 for $20 Worth of Ethical Skincare, Makeup, Hair, and Body Products (exp: 8/11/2014)

Thanks Surviving the Stores!

Restaurant Coupon Roundup {8/1/2014}

Eating out sure can get expensive, so I’m always on the lookout for deals to make it more affordable.  Below I’ve included the top printable restaurant coupons for this week!

Bruegger’s – $1.99 Bagel with Cream Cheese (exp: 8/4/2014)
Carrabba’s – $5 Off Any Entree (exp: 8/3/2014)
Champps – $10 Off $25 Food Purchase (exp: 8/3/2014)
Corner Bakery - Free Latte or Small Espresso Beverage with Breakfast Purchase (exp: 8/12/2014)
Marie Callenders – Buy 1 Entree Get 1 50% Off When You Buy 2 Drinks (exp: 8/29/2014)
Mimis Cafe - Buy 1 Breakfast or Dinner Entree Get 1 Free When You Buy 2 Drinks (exp: 8/17/2014)
Quiznos - $1 Off Regular or Large Sub or Large Salad (exp: 8/19/2014)
Smashburger – $2 Off Entree Purchase (exp: 8/3/2014)
Souper Salad – $5.99 Adult Buffet (exp: 8/3/2014)
Sweet Tomatoes - 20% Off Adult Dinner When You Buy Drink (exp: 8/6/2014)
Taco Bueno – Buy 1 Get 1 Free Shredded Chicken Taco (exp: 8/10/2014)

Thanks Surviving the Stores!

Helping Your Teens Learn To Budget

I remember the thrill of being a teenager and having my first job.  I loved being able to spend money on clothes, food and whatever else my heart desired.  Unfortunately my heart desired lots of things and I never saved any money!  This is something that I have always struggled with.  Now that I have 2 teen daughters, I’m hoping to impart some saving and budgeting wisdom to them so they don’t have this same struggle as they get older.

Budgeting is something everyone should learn when they reach an age where they can understand the concept of money. It is very easy to spend more money than planned if there is no budget in place. By teaching your teen the concepts of budgeting, you will help them to learn how to avoid overspending and how to make their money stretch. Both of these are valuable lessons that will come in handy during adulthood.

The first lesson in budgeting is to teach your teen how to document both income and expenses.  If you have a household budget, share it with your kids.  Be specific about where your money goes.  Not only will this help them understand all that they need to think about and plan for as they get older, but it will also help them to realize that money is finite…not infinite as they so often seem to think.  Also, make sure that they understand that necessary expenses such as mortgages or rent, food, utilities and car insurance get priority over the newest gadget on the market. Once the necessary expenses have been taken care of, a stipend of the balance can be put into a savings account for a rainy day and then the wants can be addressed.  Better yet, teach them to save before spending.  If your teenager is looking for ways to make money, make sure to check out these Creative Jobs for Teens.

My oldest daughter is using the 52 Week Savings Challenge. She uses the printable to check off her contributions each week.  If that’s a little too ambitious for your teen, consider the 365 Day Saving Challenge!  Both of these are printables and are a fun way to track progress.

If you fall into the category of living paycheck to paycheck, like many Americans do, this is a good time to teach your teen how to make your money stretch. Tips such as using coupons to cut the costs of food and clothing, or buying second-hand items, go a long way in establishing healthy spending habits in your teens. These habits will carry over into adulthood if taught properly.

Teaching your teens about credit is also extremely important. Credit is valuable and most people do not realize how valuable it truly is until it is tarnished. Avoid credit cards as they tend to have very high interest rates, even if the minimum payment is low.  Be sure to teach your teen that it takes years to build up good credit and only a few months to destroy it completely. Without credit it can be hard to rent an apartment, buy a car or a house. Teach your teen two valuable credit lessons: use credit only when necessary and do not extend yourself beyond what you can afford to pay. These two lessons in themselves will create a good credit history for your teenager leading the way into adulthood.

Teaching your teen how to budget and manage money properly does not have to be a nail-biting experience. If you find that your own budgeting technique could use a bit of work, why not share that experience with your teen? It is beneficial for your teen to learn from your struggles before they experience their own. Most of all, budgeting and being responsible with money is a life lesson that typically gets carried through to adulthood and your teen needs all the help they can get.

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Shopping for School Supplies without Breaking the Bank {Or Losing Your Mind}

Plans for back to school usually include lots of shopping and the more kids you have, the more shopping you’ll most likely need to do!  As a mom of 4, I know firsthand how crazy back to school shopping can be.  I also know that it gets crazier, more stressful, and more expensive if you wait til the last minute.

Most schools will have a list of supplies your child will need.  Before you head out, let’s take a look at a few ideas that could save you some steps and some money.

1.  Make a Master List

If you have more than one child and they each have a separate list of school supply items, you’ll want to combine them all into one master list. Tally up the total number of notebooks needed. Do the same for calculators, pencils, rulers, and everything else on the list. When you get to the store, it will be easier to pick up a bundle of items than go back and forth filling each individual child’s list. Then, when you get home, you can divide up the items to give to each child using their own list. This may also save you money since there are often deals on packs of folders, paper, pencils, and other supplies.

2.  Take inventory

Do you have a cabinet or closet in your home where you keep school and office supplies?  Go through and take inventory of what you have and compare it to your master list.  Using what you already have can save you a lot of money!  Also, check your kids backpacks and lunch boxes.  If they are in good working order, there’s no need to purchase a new one.

3.  Stick to the basics

Yes, glitter pens are cool and pencils with wacky patterns on them are really fun, but they cost more than basic pens and standard pencils. You will save a ton of money buying the basics rather than the fancy styles. You will want to double check your school’s list of supplies as some schools want only plain colored notebooks, folders, pens, and pencils.  If your school is ok with fun supplies, it’s a lot cheaper to buy the plain supplies and dress them up with a small package of silly eraser tops to make pencils unique or stickers to decorate the folders. You can usually buy a package of embellishments to share between all the kids for a lot less money than buying already decorated school supplies.

4.  Shop early…and don’t do it all at once

If you start shopping early, you can get supplies little by little instead of  spending hours at the store pulling your hair out while trying to wrangle kids and checking off a mile-long list. If you watch the weekly sales at all the stores in your community, you can purchase supplies for pennies on the dollar.  Purchase only the supplies that are on sale each week and by the time school  Be sure to check with your school (most have websites now) for a list of school supplies needed.

5.  Buy in bulk

If you have lots of kids, you may be able save a bundle by buying in bulk.  You can often purchase a pack of  100 pencils for the same price as 3 packs of 10. You will always need pencils, so you may as well get a good deal on them. If you don’t have lots of kids, consider going in with a friend or relative to buy supplies.  You may also want to check with a friend or relative about going in together on bulk supplies.  If you have a membership to a store like Costco or Sam’s Club, you can use it to save on school supplies, clothes, and other items throughout the year. Membership is usually pretty reasonable and sometimes you can even find special deals. Watch your savings throughout the year and you’ll see the value really adds up fast.

6.  Check out your local dollar stores

Those ‘dollar stores’ have become a shopping sensation for a reason. There are certain items that just aren’t worth more than $1 no matter how anyone tries to sell it. Things like notebooks, paper, pencils, calculators, pens, and erasers just shouldn’t take a bite out of anyone’s budget. There is no reason to spend $3 on a notebook when the very same item is available for $1. Dollar stores are also a great source for stickers and other fun embellishments to dress up boring school supplies. Check out your local dollar store and you’ll save big money.

It only takes one look at the weary faces of parents standing in line at the checkout, arms loaded with school supplies on the day before school starts, to realize there has got to be a better way. Well, there is. Get your list together, take stock of what you have, watch the sales, start early, and buy in bulk. All these tips add up to savings and a calmer start to a new school year!

For tips on saving money on back to school clothing shopping, check out 8 Ways to Save on Back to School Clothes.


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